GeoPlough X plough steering


  • Ploughing perfectly straight, also in the dark
  • Works with every vario plough
  • Accurate ploughing of sloping areas of a plot
  • Organized illuminated display
  • Very user-friendly
  • Correction filter for retention of your plough
  • Saves several calibrations



Agrometius has developed a system for steering vario ploughs with RTK-GPS. With the GeoPlough X system, crooked furrows become a thing of the past. GeoPlough X works on every vario plough independent of the number of shears. You can easily change the number of shears or the desired ploughing width. The system, with English language controls, works with RTK-GPS and is therefore extremely accurate.

If your tractor is already equipped with Trimble Autopilot, we use these components as a basis for plough steering. The GeoPlough system can also use the electronic valves of your tractor or be connected to electronically operated ploughs of for instance Lemken. With GeoPlough plough steering, everyone can plough perfectly straight, even in the dark!