GeoSwitch Bogballe


  • Automatically topping of mounds using GPS
  • Variable release with task maps or crop sensors possible
  • Overlap percentage steplessly adjustable
  • Plot boundary and headland function
  • Driving straight and section control in 1 display
  • Compatible with Trimble TMX-2050, FmX and CFX-750
  • Plug and play installation with Bogballe Calibrator Zurf, Icon and Uniq


The GeoSwitch is an interface box which couples a Trimble display with the Bogballe spreading computer for section control and possible variable release. Various European brands are not supported by Trimble, but to still offer a solution Agrometius has developed the GeoSwitch entirely in-house.

Installation of the GeoSwitch is simply a matter of plug & play and the controls are very user-friendly. The desired overlap is steplessly adjustable from 0 to 100%, as a result of which you can adjust the system perfectly to your operations. Thanks to the GeoSwitch, you will save fertilizer due to less overlap, which also benefits the crop development and will contribute to a more sustainable cultivation. The GeoSwitch can be combined with many types of Trimble displays and Bogballe spreaders.



GeoSWITCH user manual (ENG)