• High resolution yield data
  • Clear insight into yield variations in and between the fields
  • Evaluation of crop cultivation practices
  • Machinery brand independent system
  • Stand-alone system


YieldMasterPRO; increase knowlegde, increase yield
Many farmers still assess their harvest results based on the average yield of their fields. They know that there are variations within a single field, but they are not able to say exactly where and what variations there are. It is possible to accurately determine the results of the potatoes, sugarbeet or onions with the YieldMasterPRO.

Brand independent system
YieldMasterPRO consists of two weighing cells that constantly measure how many kilograms of product are transported over the conveyor belt. This data is combined with the driving speed, belt speed and GPS position. The YieldMasterPRO system is machinery brand independent and consists of a dedicated touchscreen display, controller box, weighing cells and sensors for measuring driving and belt speed. YieldMasterPRO can even be retrofitted to machinery and is suitable for almost every type of harvester.

Harvest your yield data
The display shows the measured output in the clearly arranged work screen and builds up a yield map. In addition, wagon weights are recorded, automatic field totals and day overviews are generated and yield data of already harvested fields can be reviewed. All measurements are stored within the display and can be transferred to the PC using a USB stick for further processing and analysis. Start to increase your yields with precision farming and start harvesting your yield data today.


User Manual (ENG)


YieldMasterPRO Product Flyer (ENG)

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