Trimble develops and produces ‘in house’ high-quality solutions for GPS steering and precision farming. Well-known examples of this are the FMX, CFX – 750 and TMX – 2050 displays. The systems and technology of Trimble ensure that farmers take the efficiency, productivity and yield from their farm to a higher level. Important advantages of this are making optimal use of your land by means of GPS steering, reducing the use of fertilizer and pesticides to realize a more sustainable production. Nowadays, the product portfolio of Trimble has expanded considerably with software for instance for gaining optimal use.

Trimble products are brand-independent and can therefore be applied to many brands and types of machines, both old and new. The solutions by Trimble are applied on a worldwide basis in many companies and in many cultivations with huge success. Since the end of last century, Trimble has been active in agriculture and, thanks to the wide modular product package, always has a system that fits with your wishes and your company.

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