AgGPS 372 ontvanger


  • 220 kanaals GNSS smart ontvanger
  • Ondersteunt Egnos, Omnistar VBS/XP/HP/G2, RTX, RTK en AgroSPIN VRS correcties
  • xFill technologie voor 20 minuten signaalgeheugen
  • NMEA positiedata en radarpulsen uitsturen


De hoogwaardige en geavanceerde Trimble AgGPS 372 zet de standaard voor de komende jaren. Deze 220 kanaals Smart ontvanger kan tot maarliefst 44 satellieten tegelijk ontvangen van zowel GPS als Glonass en in de toekomst ook Galileo. Hierdoor is deze ontvanger uitermate geschikt voor toepassingen waar hoge nauwkeurigheid vereist is en de ontvangst soms te wensen overlaat, zoals langs bosranden bijvoorbeeld.

De AgGPS 372 kan met alle beschikbare correctiesignalen werken en is zodoende voor vele toepassingen inzetbaar. De robuuste stof- en waterdichte behuizing is identiek aan z’n voorgangers de 252 en de 262. Via diverse seriële en Canbus poorten kunnen positiedata (NMEA) en snelheidspulsen worden uitgestuurd. Door de xFill technologie kan deze ontvanger maarliefst 20 minuten zonder correctiesignaal “RTK fixed” blijven


Physical specifications
Size 300 mm wide x 309 mm deep x 70 mm high
Weight 1.9 kg

Electrical specifications
Input voltage range: 9 V DC through 16 V DC
Nominal current draw at 12 V DC: 300 mA
Reverse polarity protection: Yes
Over-voltage protection: Yes
– Three standard configurable RS-232 serial ports
– Two configurable CAN ports
Auto address configuration: Supports CAN 2.0B / J1939 / ISO11783 / NMEA2000 J1939/ISO 11783
– One digital output to generate Event Out, or Radar out, or Drive 12 V relay, or digital line (alarm, etc.)
– One PPS output
Input: One event input
Flow control RTS / CTS
Indicators Rear panel LED

Mechanical specifications
Mounting Designed for mounting on top of the cab roof for unobstructed sky view.
Casing: Low-profile UV-resistant plastic. Dust-proof, waterproof, shock resistance, with
recessed protected connectors.
Mounting: Three holes for 0.38 inch (10 mm) bolts.
Connectors: Two Deutsch 12-pin.
Compliance: FCC Part 15 Class A, C-Tick, E-mark, CE-mark

Environmental specifications
Operating temperature range: –30 °C through +70 °C
Storage temperature range: –40 °C through +85 °C
Humidity Complies with Mil 810E Method 507.3 Procedure III Aggravated Cyclic Humidity.
Cycling temperature range: Ten 24 hour cycles of constant 95% RH, with cycling temp and dwells +30 °C and +60 °C
Altitude range: -400 m to 5000 m
Seals Unit: sealed to ±5 PSID

– 220 GNSS tracking channels, which can track up to 44 satellites
– GLONASS tracking ability
– Submeter differential accuracy (RMS), assuming at least five satellites and a PDOP of less than four
– Combined GNSS/DGNSS receiver and antenna
– AgRemote utility with four-button keypad to configure and view system properties. You can download this utility from the Trimble website at
– LED status indicator
– The receiver outputs a 1 PPS (pulse per second) strobe signal on both ports. This
signal enables an external instrument to synchronize its internal time with a time
derived from the very accurate GNSS system time.
– Radar output
– WAAS and EGNOS differential correction compatibility
– EVEREST™ multipath rejection technology
– OmniSTAR HP, G2, XP, and VBS positioning compatibility
– Trimble CenterPoint RTX capability
– Two ports that support both CAN 2.0B and RS-232:
– CAN J1939 and NMEA 2000 messages
NMEA-0183 output: GGA, GLL, GRS, GST, GSA, GSV, MSS, RMC,
VTG, ZDA, XTE (the default NMEA messages are GGA, GSA, VTG, and
proprietary NMEA output messages.
– RTCM SC-104 output
– Trimble Standard Interface Protocol (TSIP) input and output


Trimble AgGPS 372 gebruikshandleiding

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