Veris iScan Flex Front Mounted Soil Scanner


·         EC measurement to 60 cm

·         Measures organic matter

·         Moisture

·         Temperature

·         Compaction (Beta)


General dimensions

Length x Width x Height

170 x 140 x 150 cm


The Veris iScan Flex makes soil scanning more accessible than ever since farmers themselves can now scan in combination with another operation. The iScan Flex helps to obtain accurate and reliable soil maps of plots, to better attune the fertilization and seeding density to the variation within a plot.

The iScan Flex uses an NIR sensor to determine the organic matter content in the cultivation layer. The soil texture is charted by measuring the electronic conductivity of the soil. This takes place at a depth of 0-60cm and these maps give valuable information about the tillage layer and water retention capacity. Whether it concerns drawing up a task map, determining zone sampling points or drawing up a fertilization plan, the maps drawn up with the Veris iScan Flex enable you to manage every part of the plot accurately.

The iScan Flex can also measure the Temperature and Moisture levels in the Soil, On the Go.

The iScan Flex can be easily transferred between tractors. The system has its own GPS receiver and communicates wireless with the tablet PC in the cabin. You only have to connect a supply cable (12V) and it works. During the scanning, the Veris iScan Flex immediately depicts the maps so decisions can be made immediately.

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