Rapid Motor Transfer


  • Transfer your steering motor in 5 minutes
  • Fits on EZ-Pilot and Autopilot Motordrive
  • Complete set containing all the equipment


The Rapid Motor Transfer is a rapid transfer system for the Trimble SAM200 steering motor which is part of the EZ-Pilot and Autopilot Motordrive system. Many farmers transfer their GPS system to several tractors. This works really because they do not drive at the same time and the GPS system is therefore profitable more quickly. It is a must that the transfer can take place quickly because time is limited during busy periods such as the spring.

Vantage Agrometius has developed the Rapid Motor Transfer, so that transfer from a steering motor takes place just as quickly as with a hydraulic steering system. Transferring from the steering system is now just a few minutes’ work.



Rapid Motor Transfer installation manual (NL,ENG,DE,FR)